Our producers and providers

Scott and Lisa Carrino have been baking and cooking together forever. They love their work and have for all of the years they have been together. Round House Bakery Café is a long-time dream come true and the latest of their collaborations relating to simple, good food and comfortable ambiance.

We are pleased to be cooking and serving the food we love to prepare and eat, using locally sourced and organic-as-available produce and ingredients. We, along with our dedicated and friendly staff, welcome you to our Café, hoping that you will find your experience so pleasing that you will return - again and again.

Some of our local producers and providers of ingredients:

Black River Produce
Frontier Herbs
Happenchance Farm
Hillcrest Foods Inc.
Homestead Artisans
Kilpatrick Family Farm
Lick Springs Beefalo
Long Lesson Farm
Louisa Matthew Duck Eggs
Northeast Corner Herb Farm
Perry’s Orchard
Pleasant Valley Farm
Pompanuck Farm
Pucker’s Gourmet Pickles
Quincy Farm
Saratoga Apple
Sugarloaf Farm
Taproots Farm

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