Saturday, December 28, 2013

Special Breakfasts this weekend...

Just a pretty picture of the makings of a quiche!

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

Corned Beef Hash is one of our favorite breakfasts and we’ve enjoyed many versions of it far and wide. Recently we purchased some beautiful beef brisket from Adirondak Grazers of Argyle, NY, which we pickled in fragrant spiced brine and then cooked to tender perfection. We wanted to try this process without using the “pink pickling salt” aka “nitrates” which give the meat the lovely pink color we’re used to seeing. The result is delicious! The meat is tender and flavored just right and it makes a pretty damn good hash even if it’s less pink.

It fries up real nice and lovingly cradles the eggs. We look forward to your feedback and consider this recipe to be a work in progress. There are many schools of thought in terms of how to prepare the potatoes, what other vegetables and herbs should be added to the mix, etc.

Did you know that the eggs we serve at the Café really are farm fresh? They come from these farms: Taproot Farm, Cambridge, the Lathrop Family, Cambridge, Long Days Farm, Cambridge and Pompanuck Farm, White Creek. (at times, we use other local-ish eggs from Cornell Farms and Thomas Farms when the local chickens are not keeping pace...)

Back by popular demand are our gluten-free quinoa cakes and muffins. Quinoa, touted as the “perfect grain” is in very short supply globally. Our supplier had only black and red quinoa available so we tried it. It definitely has a more complex flavor than the white quinoa we’re used to. The flavor difference is similar to the difference in flavors between white rice and wild rice. Gluten-free folks, let us know what you think.

On Sunday, Baked French Toast! 

Back by popular demand is our Baked French Toast made with our rustic bread and our own eggs...served with a side of Yushak's bacon or breakfast sausage and real maple syrup!


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