Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fresh Bread in the Morning...

Sandy Brett at the Cooling Rack

Since the opening of our Cafe' Sandy Brett has been baking nearly every loaf of bread during the week (Scott handles the weekend bake). Sandy owned (with Sheila Dunn), Zawi bakery in Hoosick Falls, NY in the early 1980s before anyone around here really understood Artisan baking in the U.S.  

Zawi was much loved and because it was way ahead of its time, it was a too well-kept secret. Sandy brings years of experience to our bakery and has brought a few of her old recipes to the bake. Sandy also helps Scott out when he experiments a bit too much with his doughs. She often pulls him back to reality with her hearty laugh!
Sandy comes in at 9am to start the scaling of the doughs that were "built" starting at 5am. Presently we bake for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you can find our Fresh long-rise boules, batards and baguettes in the Cafe' on these days.

Look for Zawi Rye at the Cafe' in the next few weeks.

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